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Next Generation Mobility

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Environmental Protection starts in Urban Areas

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Future of Logistics is made by Water and powered by Fuel cells.

Our Mission

Our fuel cell trucks represent a large part for the next generation of urban mobility.

Urbanization and air pollution in cities are increasing rapidly. It has been anticipated that in 2050 more than 70% of the world’s population will live in cities. At that time, most urban problems like air pollution caused by combustion engines will be far worse than they are now if we go ahead as we are doing currently.

Our solution for this dilemma is to use renewable produced hydrogen to empower our OSTWALD fuel cell trucks.
To use the energy of hydrogen, fuel cells will provide heat and electricity not only for homes and industry, but also for our trucks.
We believe that the future transportation of goods and people will need fuel cell driven vehicles in urban areas. This will make our future cleaner, less noisy, more energy efficient and therefore increase quality of life for all of us.

To reach that goal, OSTWALD puts great effort in the development of affordable and high-quality fuel cell driven trucks.

The Product

Our trucks will

  • cause zero carbon emission by using green hydrogen
  • produce significant less noise than Diesel trucks
  • have a modular and scalable powertrain using fuel cell technology
  • have highly integratable fuel cell systems with no loss of freight space & weigth
  • reach zero emission limits in accordance with EU restrictions for 2030

The Company

Ostwald is the home of innovative engineers and entrepreneurs enthusiastic about hydrogen-based mobility.

With a mixture of passion for new technologies, great dedication to a carbon free environment and expert knowledge about the freight transport market, we want to shape the future of the transportation sector using renewable energy.
  • OSTWALD was founded in 2018 in Dresden, Germany
  • We are an automotive tech startup
  • Development of hydrogen fuel cell trucks with electrical powertrain: system and software engineering
  • Target: 10.000 trucks / year

Hydrogen Economy

The future is starting right now: All over Europe, California, Japan and South Korea, service stations for hydrogen are built or existing stations are extended. Already by 2020, 180 public hydrogen fuel stations are ready to use. See the map of H2-Mobility for further details.
Refueling a vehicle with hydrogen will be as easy and fast as it is right now with gasoline. You might be surprised how simple it is to put hydrogen with a pressure of 700 athmospheres into your truck.

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